Google Drive

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Google Drive is a pure cloud computing service, with all the storage kept online so it can work with the cloud productiveness apps: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google Drive is additionally to be had on extra than just computing device computers; you may apply it to tablets just like the iPad or on smartphones, which have separate apps for Docs and Sheets, as well. Most Google services should be taken into consideration in cloud computing: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and so on.


  • Generous unfastened storage area
  • Excellent productiveness-suite collaboration
  • Includes computing device-to-laptop record-syncing
  • Many third-birthday celebration integrations
  • Cross-platform apps


  • Consumer computing device utility stores the whole thing locally
  • Privacy concerns
  • No password-protection for shared files
What Is Google Drive, Exactly?
What Is Google Drive, Exactly?

What Is Google Drive, Exactly?

For a while, Google tried the use of the name Google Drive to mean the productivity apps—Docs and the rest. But the organization has gone returned to the extra intuitive use of Docs Editors to intend the net productivity apps and Drive to mean the web storage. Google Drive and its apps paintings essentially the same manner Microsoft OneDrive does with the net versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Google Drive, OneDrive, and Apple iCloud Drive additionally act like report-syncing services including Dropbox and SugarSync. With all report-syncing offerings, you download and install software on all your computers and a grasp folder (which looks just like some other folder on the laptop) and all its subfolders sync robotically between gadgets and the web model of the service. That manner that in case you paintings on a report from the office, and then go home and need to pick up wherein you left off, you may do so without having to download the report, electronic mail it to yourself, or load it from a USB key.

When you end operating at the file at home, you can rest assured that every one of your work suggests up for your office laptop in the morning. Syncing relies on having an Internet connection, but as long as you have that, it's a bit of cake.

Just to reiterate: Both Google Drive and OneDrive offer computing device-to-computer syncing service further to their internet-primarily based office-productivity apps and straight-up online document storage. Despite the nomenclature of the Backup & Sync laptop app, we don't remember Google Drive, strictly speaking, to be a web backup solution. But saving documents to on-line storage can also serve as a form of backup. True on-line backup runs scheduled backups and affords full machine restore capability.

Compatibility is hardly ever a difficulty with Google Drive: You can upload files, convert them to Google's document layout to edit them on-line—or create new files, spreadsheets, and slide presentations within the Web interface—and export the finished products to standard file formats, consisting of .Doc, .Rtf. Pdf, and so on.

One issue is which you become with a couple of copies of the same document if you, for example, create it in Word and then open it in Docs. If you put in Backup and Sync or File Stream (see below) Google Drive appears similar to a local folder. Integrations with third-party offerings are another energy of Google Drive. Just about every net service you could suppose of—from Slack to HelloFax to the Pixlr online image editor—can integrate with Google Drive. Dropbox and OneDrive also integrate with third-birthday celebration offerings, however, Google Drive integrates with everything.

Benefits of Google Drive
Benefits of Google Drive

Benefits of Google Drive

Before you examine all the blessings, I endorse you to just follow the protection tips going to mention right here. If you operate a commonplace platform to get right of entry to the pressure, you ought to log out earlier than leaving the vicinity so that no one can get access to your documents. Most importantly, always preserve your pressure password covered to avoid unauthorized get right of entry to. Keep in thoughts while using a password that the password must be tough to guess. After the caution, now you could recognize the blessings of the usage of Google Drive one with the aid of one.

1. Easily Transfer

any form of small and big documents to other customers
You can switch any form of file to others the usage of it. You can ship a large file through Google Drive on your contacts directly.

2. Free to use

Most importantly, Google drive is definitely loose to apply. It gives you 15 GB of the loose area to keep your all-important documents and documents. If you want greater you could create another Gmail account and get another 15 GB of area. That's all.

3. Used as a cloud backup

Google Drive is a better storage opportunity than external hard power. Are you the use of an external drive or CD or pen power to keep your crucial and valuable files, photos, documents safe? Then you need to understand that over the years such CDs, outside drives will begin to corrupt and you can lose your critical documents forever. Hence, you can create multiple folders consistent with your want and save all your treasured photos, documents, receipts, and plenty of extra to Google pressure.

4. Google Drive Apps to Use it On The Go

Download the Google Drive app for your smartphone. Thereafter, you could access it everywhere from your phone. You can get right of entry to any report at the move as soon as you need it. The app is getting extra and more beneficial day after day. As a result, it has already crossed 100 crore downloads. So you can understand that the app is one of the most famous apps nowadays.

5. Easy to use

Google drive is very simple and easy to use just create a Gmail account and get admission to it from the computing device, smartphone, apps, etc. When you log in on your Chrome browser you will discover all apps for Chrome options just proper top corner. Click their Google pressure icon to enter into it and get right of entry to all the media, files that you have saved already.

6. Share your files with other customers conveniently.

Using Google Drive you can without difficulty share your photos, files, files, videos, etc. To others. Besides, you could create a link to a specific report or folder and share it with others. They can effortlessly get right of entry to and download the report using the hyperlink.

7. Optical Character Recognition Feature

When you look for a particular phrase or component Google pressure can scan all the documents to carry out the document containing the word or call you appearance for. In brief, it’s far the Optical Character Recognition feature that facilitates you much more.

8. Helpful to edit various sorts of documents

If you are facing a problem in opening a specific record that needs some software program that isn’t always set up on your pc, here google pressure can assist you. Just upload the file to the google pressure and you’ll be able to open the record from the drive. Because the Drive allows you to open anything from Adobe Suite files to spreadsheets and Microsoft Word files. Then you can also edit the document there.

9. Built-in Search Engine for easy to find your stuff.

Google Drive has is very personal built-in seek engine, which permits you to seek by document types, which include photographs, Word record, or video, in addition to through keyword.

10. Built-in Image Recognition Technology

Moreover, this is one of the functions of Google but really worth mentioning here. Google Drive’s photo recognition generation can sincerely apprehend the content of your pictures. If you’ve uploaded an image of a well-known landmark, the photo will come up while other users search for that landmark the usage of Google Drive’s search.

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